Not all Canes are made equal: What you need to know if you’re looking for a cane

The “modern” walking stick or walking cane, has been in use for hundreds of years. Ever since the 18th century, gentlemen began to replace their swords with canes– not for use as a mobility aid; but as a fashion accessory and status symbol. Walking sticks‘ trendy appeal dissipated in the 1940s, but their alternate use– as a walking aid– continues to maintain the popularity of canes among the mobility-impaired and elderly population in present days.

However, the modern cane has come a long way since its origins in polished wood. Throughout the years, manufacturers in the mobility industry have come to understand the staying power of canes and worked incessantly to improve  users’ experiences.

Nowadays, you can find many different kinds of canes to suit your condition and taste. For example, many are divided by the type of handle they offer:

Round Handle Canes: Usually equipped with foam grips, these canes are true originals. But beyond looking great, a round-handled cane is also utilitatian– the hook-shaped handle allows to easily hang the cane– from shopping carts and chairs for example.

T- Handle Canes: These canes also preserve the classical styling of days past and often come equipped with wrist-straps to help secure the cane to your hand. Many of them come in combinations of wood, metal and printed aluminum bodies. Their short, horizontal handle keeps your hand on the cane’s centre of gravity.

Offset Handle Canes: This more modern type of cane has a handle that is ergonomically designed to lessen the pressure on your hands while increasing stability– making them also ideal for heavier individuals. With grips made of gel or foam, offset canes offer the ultimate in comfort.

Then there are canes divided according to features:

Folding Cane: For some individuals, finding walking aids that are highly portable is a top priority. That’s where the folding cane comes in. These durable devices can fold into four pieces for easy storage inside your purse or suitcase.

Cane Seat: A convenient travel accessory, the cane seat is a device that when unfolded, provides you with a comfortable seating surface that stands on three, secure aluminum legs.

Quad and mini Quad Cane: Individuals looking for increased stability and balance need look no further than these revolutionary canes. Equipped with four legs (instead of a single tip), quad canes re-distribute your weight onto four equal points. They are ideal for individuals who need extra-help when climbing the stairs.

All-terrain Cane:  This specialty cane largely looks like an ordinary single-tip cane. But if you look at its tip, you will notice that it comes with four, retractable metallic spikes to give you added stability when walking on uneven or tricky terrains.

Today’s cane’s are definitely not your grandfather’s. They are mostly made in light-weight aluminum and come in hundreds of colour and print configurations to match your style. Contact the team at Vital Mobility today and they will happily help you track down the perfect cane for you.


Say hello to fall with a cozy and convenient lift chair!

As the mercury begins to dip and the first autumn days quickly approach, many of our clients calls us in search for mobility options that will assist them in keeping safe and comfortable in their own homes during the coldest months of the year.  Throughout our time hearing feedback from individuals and professionals alike, our team has learned that for many people who live with impaired mobility, a medical lift chair can be a game changer.

Armed with a gamut of configurations, lift chairs bring in a whole new level of comfort into your life. There are three main categories for these devices:

lift chair movesTwo-position lift chairs: Lifts the person into a standing position and allows for the back and leg rests of the chair to move as far back as a TV-watching position.

Three-position lift chairs: Lifts the person into a standing position and allows for the back and leg rests of the chair to move as far back as a deeper, napping position.

and, Infinite position lift chairs: Lifts the person into a standing position and allows for the back and leg rests of the chair to move independently as far back as a sleeping position.

The main difference between two and three-position medical lift chairs and an Infinite position chair, is that the later is operated by two (instead of one) motors, allowing for the independent control of the device’s backrest and footrest.

This wide array of options guarantees that individuals looking for a lift chair will be able to easily narrow-down their selection depending on their specific needs.

Another reason why medical lift chairs continue to become a staple in many households is their ability to compliment the decor of your home. Every lift chair model doesn’t only offer different types of backrest and armrest design (with buttons, with a large head cushion, divided into two or three sessions) but it also offers an attractive selection of durable yet comfortable fabrics– from their standard lines up to more refined vinyls and leatherette. Vital Mobility’s highly customizable medical lift chairs help you live life at home to the fullest.

Our business also offers medical lift chairs for rent— an option that is most suitable for patients undergoing recovery from surgery or trauma. Whether you or a loved one have just undergone a back, chest and abdominal intervention, Vital Mobility’s lift chairs will provide you with a comfortable surface on which to read, watch TV, have lunch and nap.

Whether you are looking to buy a lift chair or are considering a medical lift chair for rent, our experts have the product selection and knowledge you need to help you find the comfort you deserve.

Find the support you need from a SuperPole

When your mobility is restricted for one reason or another, the simple act of finding the stability you need to get up from resting surfaces like your bed or couch can present a significant challenge. Not only do you need a device that provides you with stability—but you also require something that can bear the weight of your body as you move into a standing position.

The team at Vital Mobility has scoured the home healthcare industry for a device that just that—and we can say we are proud to retail the sturdy and easy-to-install SuperPole. This expandable floor-to-ceiling pole is ideal for individuals who need help coming to a standing or sitting position. Whether you require a SuperPole right next to your bed, besides your favourite sofa or in the bathroom, this handy device will provide you with the reliability you seek.

superpole with superbar at vital mobilityInstallation is quick and mess-free. In order to set up the SuperPole, all you need to do is turn a screw at the base of the device in order to expand it. The pole will be ready for use once there is sufficient pressure between the floor and ceiling of your room—enough of it for it to bear the weight of your body without moving.

Many customers ask us if the SuperPole will damage their floors or delicate ceilings due to the pressure it places on both surfaces. Luckily, that is not a concern as the pole comes equipped with protective ceiling plates and rubber pads for the floor.

The SuperPole line also features handy accessories that can be purchased for added functionality. Take the Super Bar for example. This horizontal, rotating extension for the pole functions as a sort of grab bar. It provides support as you step around the pole and can lock in eight different positions.

Another great accessory is the SuperTrapeze extension. When attached to your SuperPole, the trapeze becomes a handy tool to help you into a sitting position while in bed. The device’s handle doesn’t look like your typical triangle—instead, it simulates two rungs on a ladder. This award-winning design enables an improved use of your arm strength to help you sit up.

Vital Mobility offers the entire line of SuperPole at great prices. Visit our website today to discover more about it today.