Feel better and heal sooner with cold therapy

The team at Vital Mobility is proud to offer an excellent selection of cold therapy devices for post surgical or post traumatic treatment. Cold therapy, otherwise known as cryotherapy, is the use of a cold to diminish the pain and swelling located in a specific area of the body.

Cold therapy device by aircastTraditionally, cold compresses– whether they be gel packs or ice packs, have been placed on affected areas to diminish pain and swelling. However, both methods of cold therapy are of limited duration. After a few minutes, an ice pack– for example– will begin to warm up and lose its therapeutic effects. That is why in recent times, cryotherapy systems have become the preferred treatment choice for patients looking for a continuous flow of cooling combined with steady compression for treatment that can go on for hours at a time.

Cold therapy systems are comprised of three main components:

1. The cooler: a thermos-like structure that holds a combination of water and crushed ice. Electric cold therapy systems have their pump located on the lid of the cooler.

2. The tubing: the spill-proof conduit for the cool water to circulate form the cooler to the cuff.

3. The cuff: Users will pick the cuff that’s most suitable for their condition. Someone who’s undergone knee replacement surgery will require a knee cuff for example. Individuals also have the choice of shoulder cuffs, wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, foot cuffs, thigh cuffs, elbow cuffs and more. The cuff not only provides a slight level of compression for the affected area, but their spill-proof construction also handles the circulating water that’s necessary for effective treatment,

Breg Polar Care CubeAfter initially setting up the cold therapy system, patients will be able to use the device– uninterruptedly– for 5-6 hours at a time. Imagine setting up your cryo-cuff in front of your TV or computer and being able to quickly detach the cuff from the cooler in order to make a quick trip to the washroom or to warm up lunch? That’s easy to do with a cold therapy system as its spill-proof tubing allows for mess-free and quick activation and deactivation of treatment.

Recovery has never before been so easier. Study after study continues to shed light on the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that continuous cold therapy offers– especially in the days following surgery or trauma to a joint or extremity.

Both the Aircast Cryo-cuff and Breg Polar Care Cube system are excellent choices that Vital Mobility offers for retail. The Aircast cold therapy system is also available for rent– starting at a one-week period. Visit our website (www.vitalmobility.ca) or call our experts to inquire about this great device today.



A Guide to Finding the Perfect Commode for You

The bathroom commode is a very convenient product for individuals who cannot transport themselves into their bathrooms in order to carry out their toileting activities. All commodes in the market have a few features in common: they’re adjustable metallic frames that contain– at toilet height– a circular seat with a hole (just like a regular toilet). Commodes come equipped with a bucket that can be used with the device if the individual cannot access their bathroom.

Other than these common characteristics, there are countless– different– types of commodes equipped with different features meant to cater to different kinds of users. The team at Vital Mobility has compiled a few categories to provide you with more information:

The Stationary Commode: This kind of commode owes its name to its lack of wheels. Stationary commodes are the most light-weight option. Many of them can be easily folded-up for ease of transportation. Most stationary commodes are constru

Shower commode by drive medical
Rehab Shower Commode

cted from durable steel and feature padded arms and a plastic seat with back. Users can choose to position these commodes anywhere in their homes or healthcare facility for use with a bucket or over a toilet for added comfort or height.

The Commode on Wheels: The wheeled commode is a highly practical option that is easier to transport between different areas of your home than a stationary commode. Their durable casters are suitable for placement on different surfaces. Many of these commodes feature drop arms– that can be re-positioned in order to facilitate lateral patient transfers onto or out of the device. Basic wheeled commodes are very similar to stationary commodes– but more advanced models included a padded seat and back. When the commode isn’t being used for toileting, the seat can be covered by a padded seat — allowing the caregiver to employ the commode as a transport chair for indoors use instead.

The Shower Commode: At the very top of the line when it comes to commodes, is the shower commode. These specialized devices are ideal for individuals who need to roll into their shower on a commode. With a frame made out of rust-resistant aluminum or stainless steel, these versatile commodes won’t see any damage when exposed to water for extended periods of time. They come equipped with soft, waterproof seats and back-rests, swing-away footrests and the option of four small casters (transport chair) or a wheelchair configuration with two larger wheels at the back. Other, more advanced shower commodes also bring tilting options and headrests.

We hope that the above information helps to inform your decision when it comes to purchasing a commode for yourself or a loved one. If you have any questions, our expert team can always be contacted at 647-430-7176 for more information.

The Knee Walker: A great alternative to crutches!

Many individuals who have undergone foot or ankle surgery will often be advised to get a pair of crutches in order to get around with more ease. At Vital Mobility, we of course offer crutches! But there is yet another product that’s quickly gaining popularity in the mobility market and that can help you get around faster and with more ease!

Crutches can be hard to handle. In order to use them correctly, individuals must have plenty of upper body strength. The knee walker, however, requires a lot less effort. The device resembles a scooter– but instead of having a surface to step on, it has a foam-molded cushion onto which to rest the upper part of your lower leg. When using the knee walker, your foot and ankle hang off the device — eliminating all pressure on those affected areas. The walker is easy to steer with its T-bar handle and comes with brakes.

knee scooter by drive medical
Drive Medical Knee Scooter

Say, for example, that you want to be able to prepare dinner by your kitchen counter but your ankle is broken. You can’t place it steadily on the ground because it hurts. Instead of shuffling your crutches around in order to maintain balance while chopping up some vegetables, you approach the counter with your knee walker. After you turn on the brakes, you’re able to rest your leg comfortably and achieve perfect balance while doing your work. Getting around your home– from going to the bathroom to brush your teeth to running to answer the door– is easy with a knee walker! It’s compact size and tight turning radius makes it great for at-home use.

Knee walkers are also very convenient for individuals looking to remain active throughout their recovery. Going for a walk to the grocery store or enjoying the outdoors with your family is much easier when you can do it on wheels! It is up to the user to regulate the speed of the walker with their working leg. And transporting it in the back of your car is just as simple. The knee walker’s handle can fold back for easy storage.

A knee walker can make a huge difference for someone who’s recovering from surgery or injury– both physically and emotionally. Visit our website today to check out our purchase and rental options and don’t hesitate to reach the knowledgeable staff at Vital Mobility if you have any questions!

Get to know our electric home hospital bed

Here at Vital Mobility, we pride ourselves in building great relationships — not only with our loyal clientele, but also with our suppliers! That is why, our purchasing team has managed to put together a very attractive package for individuals in the lookout for a fully-electric home hospital bed.

For a limited time, our company is offering an ultra-light Drive medical home hospital bed with your choice of half or full railings and an upgraded long term care, multi-layer foam/gel mattress for the incredible price of $1199. This great package has all the features you need in order to keep yourself or a loved one safe and comfortable during recovery or for long term use. drive fully electric home hospital bed package

The home hospital bed comes equipped with an adjustable backrest and leg-rest to help find the perfect position for any individual. Plus, a second motor that operates the bed will lower and raise it as a whole to facilitate access by the patient and care-giving duties.

The bed’s sturdy spring construction also enables an impressive weight capacity of 450 lbs, which makes the bed ideal for use by individuals of different sizes and needs. However, a bed’s comfort isn’t determined by its frame but by the mattress that’s placed on it. Unlike a regular, foam therapeutic mattress– which is made up of a single foam density throughout– our upgraded mattress prevents pressure soars and shear with its multi-layer construction. For example, in the area where the patient places his or her lower legs, the mattress comes with shallow ridges that help place the legs at an ever-so-slightly lower angle that helps prevent swelling and friction for the individual. Also, the area where the head is positioned in the mattress is slightly softer than the back area for a more comfortable sleeping experience.

With a lifetime guarantee on welds, five years on the frame and one year on all other parts and components, the Drive ultra-light home hospital bed is a great choice for individuals looking for the perfect for value without compromising excellent quality, function and durability. If you require more information about the package or are interested in other beds from our impressive line, our team of dedicated specialists will be happy to help you.