Roll into August with a brand-new Rollator!

There’s nothing like a clear-sky summer day to take a stroll around the neighbourhood or take a day-trip with days and family! For people who suffer from mobility impairments or who can easily tire, sometimes taking a few steps unasisted can put both their safety and physical well-being in jeopardy. Vital Mobility’s line of top-notch rollators can be of great assistance in helping those individuals navigate sidewalks, malls and even the halls of their own homes in dignity and comfort.

red drive nitro rollator
Drive Nitro Rollator

What’s the difference between a walker and a rollator (or rollator walker)?

Traditional aluminum walkers are foldable metallic frames– sometimes equipped with small wheels in the front legs or on all four legs–that aid a person who needs extra-support when moving around. In contrast, a rollator always comes equipped with four wheels, brakes, basket, a seat and back-rest. 

The above features make rollator walkers much for suitable for outdoors use than regular walkers. If the person finds herself tired during her walk, she has the option of putting on the breaks of the device and resting on its cushioned seat. The carry basket is a convenient place for individuals to store items they wish to bring along with them. Finally, larger wheels with tread will help you climb curves and manage uneven terrain with confidence.

Rollators to suit your style

As the popularity of rollator walkers has increased– particularly within the senior population– manufacturers have increased their emphasis on creating better and more functional devices that will also suit different people’s styles. Take Drive’s Nitro Rollator, for example. It is one of the first rollators to come with hidden brake cables, which helps achieve the device’s elegant styling and prevent tangling. As one of the most modern rollators in the market, the Nitro comes painted in red, white and black colours– perfect for individuals looking to break away from silver devices and make a statement!

Vital Mobility offers other rollators too, like the Nexus 3, the versatile Duet, and the Airgo Comfort Plus! Whether you’re looking for a to buy a rollator walker or are searching for rollators for rent in the GTA, we are here to help. With top-level expertise and great customer service, we’ll help you zone in on the ideal rollator for you! We will also aid you with ADP applications.

Options for Making Your Home More Accessible

At Vital Mobility, we strive to bring intuitive and convenient accessibility into your everyday life. That’s why we offer the latest and greatest mobility and home healthcare devices to suit your every need. However, when mobility devices are not enough to achieve optimal accessibility at home, our expert team can help you make changes to the place where you live that will help you live a more comfortable life.

Savaria stairliftFor example, individuals living in houses in Canada will often have to climb up one or more flights of stairs. This simple task for some, can present a real challenge for individuals with reduced mobility. That’s why, our company offers a wide assortment of stairlifts (straight and curved), which are quickly installed on a wall adjacent to your stairs or on rails, and will help you navigate them with no troubles at all. A cushioned seat will take you up the stairs and bring you back down in safety and comfort.

Mobility-iporch lift by savariampaired individuals living in homes too, can find transfers between garages and the inside of their homes challenging as well. For example, if someone using a wheelchair gets out of his car in the garage and desires to enter his home through the garage door– they will usually find a grading difference between both spaces. Setting up a ramp would be the obvious choice. However, ramps will present a hazard when moving around the garage and will take up valuable real estate. In this case, Vital Mobility’s porch lifts will function as convenient elevators that will allow the person to roll right onto the device and at the touch of a button, move up until their wheelchair aligns with the entrance of their home.

When it comes to accessing one’s porch from the street, grading can also be an issue. Porch lifts are an excellent choice for solving that problem. However, if an individual is looking for a more budget-friendly and possibly temporary option, the installation of a metallic ramp might be an optimal choice for them. Accessibility ramps come in different widths and lengths– depending on the number of steps and incline of the entrance to your home. Our ramps are foldable, light-weight and durable; many of them can even fit into a convenient carry bag!

If you’re considering making your home more accessible, Vital Mobility is here to help. Our accessibility specialists will be happy to pay you a visit for a free, in-home estimate that will leave you feeling informed about your choices and confident about our expertise.

Satisfied customers are key in home healthcare industry

Our world and the people who live in it are rapidly changing. According to Employment and Social Development Canada, in 2011– the population of Canadians 65 years of age and older was around five million. By 2036– 25 years later– that same population is expected to double to 10.4 million.  Astounding medical advancements are making it so that individuals in developed countries like ours are living longer and healthier lives. But when it comes to home healthcare and assistive devices, with the rising demand of products and services to simplify the lives of seniors, comes a new, big-box mentality to providing those services. Vital Mobility home healthcare products

Customers come through our doors every day, disappointed with the inexperienced and money-driven approach they receive when they visit some of our country’s largest mobility and home health care retailers. The expert team at Vital Mobility is committed to providing our customers with a very different experience. Whether you’re in the market for a home hospital bed, mobility scooter or home health accessories like reachers and bathroom equipment– our main focus is your satisfaction. Our valued customers are people with distinct needs; not numbers.

Many clients ask us if at the expense of great customer service comes higher prices than larger Canadian retailers. That is a great question for which we have an answer: Fantastic customer service should not cost a dime. We know our products inside/out, we deliver promptly and learn about you in order to guide you to the perfect assistive device, because we take pride in our family-owned business and truly care to help others.

By visiting our website, you will find that Vital Mobility’s prices are always at not only at par, but very often beat our competitors. Plus, we’re just one of the few home healthcare suppliers who advocate for price transparency in the market. You will find the prices of all of our devices as well as shipping charges and taxes clearly listed on

As the reality of our world continues to evolve, our mission is to keep a people-driven business, people-centric. The team at Vital Mobility looks forward to serving you with retail and rentals of home healthcare equipment and mobility devices in the Toronto area and beyond.

How everyday living essentials can ease your life!

The field of home healthcare and assistive devices is filled to the brim with ingenuity that aims to facilitate the daily life of patients whose mobility is impaired. When patients are undergoing recovery or have lost some of their mobility due to a health condition or age, going about their everyday tasks can become challenging. The mere act of entering the shower can put their well-being at risk, and many may not have the ability to brush their own hair or put on their socks independently. Luckily, a wide variety of products for dressing, eating and homemaking continue to be developed to address those impairments and make sure that those individuals can find freedom in their daily lives. Here are some categories of daily living products that could be of interest to you or loved ones who may be looking for simple and convenient accessibility solutions:

bathroom safety
Bath rail by Drive

1. Bathroom safety equipment: From toileting to bathing, there exist hundreds of devices to help make those experiences easy and safe. People who have a hard time entering their bath or shower, can benefit from installing non-slip tub-rails and safety bars that will provide support and stability. Bath chairs and transfer benches allow individuals to sit down during bathing– a bath chair is a free standing, non-slip structure inside your bathtub or shower. A transfer bench helps to move an individual in a sitting position from outside to inside the tub. Additionally, devices like long sponges, extended combs and brushes can make it easy for a movement-impaired person to carry out their daily hygene with ease.

2. Dressing and sock donning devices: Getting dressed can be a challenge for many individuals but products like the convenient sock aid and extended shoe horns can take away the strain from some of those activities– no need to bend over to put on your shoes or socks. Button-hooks can help ease the task of buttoning your shirts, blouses or cuffs. Reachers can help you find different accessories or articles of clothing in your closet without having to stretch or climb on chairs.

3. Feeding and cooking products: Self-sufficient individuals may find it straining to carry out household chores like cooking or cleaning the bathroom. Self-feeding can also be trying.  In the kitchen, a one-touch can opener can be very convenient as well as a one-handed magic grip jar opener. Counter stools, also known as perching stools, can provide an ergonomic surface where to rest your body while cooking or cleaning the kitchen. When it comes to eating, combination forks and spoons and anti-slip plates and place-mats can help you create a mess-free dining experience. For cleaning–extended toilet brushes, extended dusters and telescopic dustpans and brooms can take away much of the physical exertion associated with those activities.

Vital Mobility is your source for all of these devices and more. Our team’s top priority is to find ways to work with you, your loved ones or therapists to find the best selection of products to suit your lifestyle. We look forward to helping you with the best dressing, eating and homemaking devices in the market.