When To Make Use Of An Electric Mobility Scooter

The mobility market applies to a huge range of individuals that suffer from any number of possible medical conditions. These conditions include diseases that affect the joints and make mobility harder, such as arthritis. It also includes conditions that make it hard or impossible to move, such as paralysis or the aftermath of a stroke. Someone may also suffer from conditions that do not directly affect the joints, such as a heart condition that may make it harder to walk even shorter distances. Some such conditions are long-term where an individual will always face mobility challenges, while others may be short-term, such as temporarily breaking a limb.

Fortunately, there are products that can help loved ones live better lives. Electric mobility scooters can help individuals regain their mobility both at home and outside of the house. An electric mobility scooter can be purchased outright if the disability is permanent, however there is also an option to rent a scooter for those who suffer from a temporary disability or cannot afford to buy one.

Scooter rentals are widely available. Individuals can rent a scooter for as short as one week or much longer if needed. Many people choose to rent scooters because the cost savings can be considerable. Scooter rentals allow the individual to use a deluxe model at lower cost. Rental also means that the person with the disability is not responsible for repairs if the equipment has a problem. Renting a scooter also allows the individual to choose a different model if travelling or if the original scooter does not work for their needs.

Electric mobility scooters are not the only products available to aid those with mobility issues. An electric hospital bed can also be purchased or rented for home use. Electric hospital beds can help a disabled individual sleep more comfortably in a bed that is specifically designed for their medical needs. Electric hospital bed rentals allow the user as much access as necessary to a major medical product on a cost effective basis.

Another useful product for the mobility-impaired is a wheelchair. Wheelchairs can be very expensive items, yet they may be a necessity for those who are facing a temporary disability. Renting one short-term is the ideal solution to this problem, as it helps reduce expenses. Crutches can also be another highly useful item that can be rented for the mobility-impaired. A disability can be a highly unpleasant experience; fortunately, many long-term and short-term solutions

The Importance Of Hospital Beds For Home Care

One of the more difficult aspects of medical care is how to care for a patient once they return home. Many people focus so much on the happy return of a loved one that they don’t realize the extent to which it will entail a large change of lifestyle. In particular, a patient who needs to spend much or all of their time in bed will require some changes to their environment.

When one thinks of home, it’s usually the entire house which comes to mind. The comfort and security comes from being able to fully live in one’s surroundings. When a patient returns home and needs to stay in bed, much of this comfort will no longer be present. Electric beds, also known as hospital beds, are the best way around this situation. While there are many benefits to hospital beds, perhaps one of the most applicable to different conditions has to do with mobility. With a traditional bed, one is usually confined to one room. At best, it might be possible to move to a couch or secondary bed on occasion. For someone dealing with long term care, this simply isn’t a very enjoyable way to live. Nobody likes being stuck in one position in one room. However, electric beds allow for easy transportation. They’re designed to allow caregivers to easily transport patients around a house or other living environment.

The increased mobility offered by a hospital bed isn’t limited to where it can be transported. The beds are also designed to allow patients far more options for mobility within the bed than they would have with a traditional one. One of the most noteworthy of these mobility options comes in the form of mechanisms to lift or reposition one’s head, back and legs. For a patient with limited mobility, these movements can feel like the world is opening up to them again. It can allow one to easily and comfortably view television, get a good look out windows or enjoy a book at night with comfortable lighting by the bedside. Even above the practical aspects, these all add up to allow a patient to really feel at home when they’re back at home. By giving a patient increased mobility, it often allows them to feel as if they’re reclaiming a bit of their old life along with a sense of normalcy.

The cost of electric beds can be somewhat daunting for many. Obviously the increased functionality does come with a higher price compared to standard beds. Thankfully, it’s possible to simply rent the beds out. By renting rather than purchasing, one can use the bed for as long as a patient requires and end up saving significantly compared to buying one. The rental option ensures that it’s within everyone’s price range.

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Renting A Wheelchair Is The Way To Go

Close to 15 percent of individuals living in Canada report that they suffer from some type of disability that limits their mobility. An estimated three percent of those reporting a disability are children under the age of 14. As the population continues to age, the current figure of 4.4 million people who are disabled in Canada will only continue to rise. Despite a lack of mobility and the severity of their disability, most men, women and children still want to be as active as possible and participate in the day to day activities of living. Gaining mobility by using a wheelchair helps anyone of any age with any degree of disability to get where they want to go rather than being restricted to a bed. But since purchasing a wheelchair can prove to be an expensive proposition, renting a wheelchair is the cost effective way to go.

Chronic medical conditions, such as arthritis, often create mobility problems that can be solved by the rental of the right wheelchair. Individuals who are temporarily disabled due to a twisted ankle or broken leg, and who cannot stand up or put weight on their own legs, are still able to get around their home and property by using a wheelchair. Young people who suffer a sports injury may need a wheelchair to get around while their injury heals. A physician may recommend that a patient use a wheelchair for several weeks after having major surgery while their stitches heal and they recover fully. Individuals who have been involved in traffic accidents often need to take it easy for a week or two and use a wheelchair to get around.

Elderly individuals who feel frail and often dizzy due to blood pressure issues and muscle weakness often feel safer securely seated in a wheelchair while going about such daily activities as doing the dishes or folding the laundry in their own homes. Many caretakers prefer to use a wheelchair when helping an elderly person into an automobile or into bed at the end of the day. Wheelchairs allow senior Canadians to stay active and participate in life to the fullest every day.

Wheelchair rentals enable an individual to regain much of the freedom they have lost due to a permanent or temporary medical condition. Wheelchair rentals are much more budget friendly than purchasing a wheelchair outright and the rental time can be extended or ended early as the patient’s health and physical condition dictates. With a wide range of wheelchairs, including steel manual wheelchairs and easy to navigate electric wheelchairs in addition to a full range of wheelchair accessories, rentals make a patient’s life much more comfortable and convenient. Rental wheelchairs can accommodate people of all sizes and some lightweight models are designed for easy folding when traveling.

The Many Health Benefits Of Electric Hospital Beds

For millions of Canadians, mobility can be a problem during certain times in their lives. From broken bones to operations and the recovery from medical procedures, the use of mobility devices to aid a person in recovery can be critically important. In addition, for those people who are dealing with a handicap, or inevitable aging, getting the aid of mobility devices can be life altering for the better. In fact, over fifty percent of Canadians over the age of 75 have to deal with a disability of some sort.

That is why for people with arthritis, heart conditions, strokes, broken bones, leg impairments, muscle and lung deficiencies, long term illness, paralyzing disabilities, or injury recovery, electric hospital beds can be a positive life altering form of assistance that can significantly improve their quality of life. Electric beds are like hospital beds and are perfect to increase bedroom mobility for patients. Anyone who has ever visited someone in a hospital, or who has stayed in a hospital, knows the many benefits of using an electric bed during recovery. Hospital beds increase the in-home comfort and mobility for patients, especially those who are bed ridden for any period of time.

Just like other mobility devices such as wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and crutches, an electric bed improves a patient’s ability to enjoy a better quality of life with more comfort. These adjustable beds can help patients to sit up, elevate certain body sections, and help them get out of bed with greater ease. For people who have suffered from an injury, the use of electric beds can substantially improve their recovery and their disability time.

Renting one of these types of adjustable beds can offer people the best of both worlds. Renting an adjustable hospital style bed gives people the ability to enjoy the wonderful benefits of these beds without the expense of investing in a long-term purchase of one. In addition to significant savings, patients and their caretakers also have the benefit of knowing that if anything were to go wrong with the bed, most often a new one will take its place at no expense to the patient or caregiver.

Home health care equipment companies specialize in the sale and rental of mobility devices for patients with mobility care needs. Whether it is for an adjustable electric bed, a scooter, wheelchair or pair of crutches, the equipment can be easily rented or purchased depending on the client’s needs. There is a variety of styles to choose from and the professionals can help patients and caregivers choose which style will best suit their recovery or lifestyle needs.

The Latest In Electric Mobility Scooters

Electric mobility scooters can be of great help to a number of elderly and infirm individuals. Scooters can improve the quality of life for people with heart disease, asthma, angina pectoris, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), arthritis, and severe osteoporosis. The use of a scooter may enable them to participate in activities they couldn’t otherwise do, such as covering long distances from house to mailbox, in a mall or shopping center, or in a grocery store. Whether young or elderly, severely obese people may find electric mobility scooters helpful also.

Many models of scooters are available for both indoor and outdoor use, including 3- or 4-wheeled scooters, light weight portable models, and heavy duty scooters for heavier people. Most of the new scooter models are quite expensive, running between $500.00 and $1000.00 in price; deluxe models can be priced as high as $3000.00. This makes outright purchase of an electric mobility scooter difficult for some purchasers, causing many electric scooter users to rent them rather than to purchase them. Scooter rentals can be by the day or by the week, and the weekly out of pocket cost is considerably lower than if one were to purchase a scooter outright. In some cases, electric scooters can be covered by medical insurance, at least in part.

gogo_elite_traveller_plus_4_wheelThere are many accessories available for electric scooters, including scooter batteries, cup holders, cane holders, and baskets to carry groceries and other items. For safety, rear view mirrors, flags, and seat belts can be added to the scooter. To protect the rider from the sun or rain, a cover or canopy can also be installed. Many people decide to have their cars or vans adapted to permit transport of the electric scooters to different locations, if needed.

In addition to electric scooters, most scooter dealers offer other equipment to make the life of the patient and the caregiver easier. One can rent or buy hospital beds, lift chairs, and manually operated wheel chairs, among other items. Numerous dealers can be found in most metropolitan areas in both the United States and Canada. Once you find a reputable medical equipment supplier, you will be on your way to significantly improving the daily life of patients in need of home health care. With the option to rent instead of purchasing the equipment, increased mobility and comfort can be attained by anyone who needs it.

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