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Rollator Store Canada - Rollator Walkers in Toronto

Looking to get out on the town? Vital Mobility's in-stock rollators help you walk through the streets of Canada in style and confidence. A rollator walker has four wheels for extra stability and hand brakes. These hand brakes can be squeezed to slow down your rollator and locked down in order to help you brake it while you sit down to rest. A comfortable seat and backstrap allows you to take a break in between daily errands. Rollator walkers include convenient carry baskets to help you transport personal belongings or shopping bags.

These convenient devices provide an alternative for customers who may find a cane does not provide enough comfort or relief, but are still able to walk. Our line of Rollators for sale includes aluminum Rollators, lightweight Rollators, and 3 wheel Rollators. With our extensive selection, you are sure to find the right model to suit your personal needs. We provide pick-up and delivery from our Toronto-area stores and ship for FREE across Canada.

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  1. NeXus 3 Rollator
    by Human Care (Rollator-Nexus-III)
    An innovative and high-quality rollator
    • Easy to fold
    • Compact and lightweight frame
    • 3 height options
    • Deluxe 8" wheels
    • Available in-store & online
    • Ships next-day
    • Free Canada-wide shipping
    • Quick delivery Toronto-area
    Weight  Weight Capacity Overall Width Seat Width Handle Height Warranty
     15 - 16 lbs.  441 lbs. 23.4" 16" 30.5" - 39.5" Limited lifetime
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Buy Rollators from Vital Mobility Toronto, Canada

Rollators can provide stability and safety to anyone whose mobility may be compromised, but who still wants to maintain the freedom of being able to walk on their own. Vital Mobility has a great selection of rollators for sale including bariatric Rollators and junior Rollators. It is our goal to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers by helping you find the Rollator or walker that is right for you based on your needs and lifestyle.

What's the difference between a Rollator and a Walker?

While there are many similarities between Rollators and Walkers, there are also a few key differences, and being aware of them can help you choose the device that’s best for you. A Rollator offers a seat and brakes in addition to all the typical features of a walker. These features can be useful for some people who might need the extra convenience or opportunity for rest this provides. A Rolltor also has larger wheels than a walker, which means that for those who might want to use it outside, or to navigate more challenging terrain such as city sidewalks and roads, it may be the safer and more stable choice.

Common Questions

Which of your rollators should I use if I am suffering from Arthritis?

Most of our rollators will work for patients suffering from Arthritis. A rollator walker like the Nitro by Drive of the Nexus 3 by Humancare will provide light-weight versatility for use both indoors and outdoors. Their larger wheels, ergonomic handles and supportive seats can provide safety and comfort for individuals with Arthritis affecting different areas of their bodies. In addition, Upright Rollators may provide additional assistance for these patients as they help take pressure off the spine and arms.

Do I need to select my rollator according to my medical issue?

Yes, you can select your rollator according to your medical issue. Your lifestyle will also be a deciding factor when choosing a rollator. Do you have problems in your joints? Lack of balance? Difficulty walking longer distances? All of these factors will be taken into account when making a rollator recommendation. In addition, whether you will need a rollator walker only indoors or indoors/outdoors will determine whether you get a Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3 rollator.

I suffer from lower and mid-back area pain. Which rollator would suit me best?

A rollator with a seat and adjustable-height handles will help you with lower and mid-back pain. Being able to select the correct handle height will assist you in correcting postural issues that can exacerbate your back pain. In addition, a supportive and comfortable seat will provide the rest you may require when walking for extended periods of time.

Will I be able to steer your Medline Rollator all by myself or will I need assistance?

Provided that you have adequate balance and eyesight, you will be able to steer your Medline Rollator – or any other rollator for that matter – independently.

Is there a specific age for using a rollator?

There are no age restrictions when using a rollator. Individuals both younger and older often use them to find more walking balance and safety when their mobility is limited. Whereas children may use rollators, most children who need a wheeled type walker use gait trainers instead.

Which is your most lightweight rollator?

Our lightest weight rollator is the Drive Nitro 3-Wheel Rollator. At only 12 lbs, the Nitro 3-Wheel rollator is excellent for indoors and outdoors use. With large wheels and ergonomic hand grips, it is an excellent tool to restore balance to the user. It comes equipped with a large storage bag. However, because it is not a 4-wheel rollator, it is not equipped with a seat.

Is your three wheel rollator suitable for a patient suffering from Sciatica?

Many health professionals prescribe four or three wheel rollators to patients suffering from Sciatica. Their use can provide some temporary relief form pressure on the lower back area. It can also restore some mobility in individuals who are struggling with balance due to the pain caused by Sciatica. However, Sciatica is an inflammatory condition – as such, rollator walkers will not be as effective as physical therapy and stretching to treat the root of the condition.

Which of your rollators would you recommend for a patient suffering from a deteriorating balance?

Four wheel rollators are ideal for patients suffering from deteriorating balance. These stable and sturdy mobility devices will compensate for the patient’s lack of balance. Height-adjustable ergonomic handles will allow the user to safely navigate indoors and outdoors spaces. Unlike canes, which provide unilateral support, rollators provided even, bi-lateral support for a safer experience.

What are the medical conditions for which I will need to use a rollator?

There is a big range of medical conditions that can benefit from the use of a rollator. Three of the main symptom groups that indicate that an individual may need one include:

  1. Lack of balance when walking - e.g. stroke survivors
  2. Weight bearing limitations - Individual cannot rely legs to stand safely – e.g. fractures or injury
  3. Decreased endurance when walking – e.g. individuals with respiratory or cardiac conditions

Do I need any specific license for keeping and owning a rollator?

You do not need any specific license for keeping and owning a rollator.

Would I be able to hire a rollator on rent for a month?

Yes, you can hire a rollator on rent for a month from Vital Mobility. Our four-wheel rollator rentals with brakes, seat and a basket start at $69/month. The are available for pick-up and delivery across the Greater Toronto Area.

Do you provide training services on how to operate a rollator?

When clients and their family and caregivers visit any of our Vital Mobility stores, our dedicated team will gladly provide guidance in regards to proper use of a rollator. From quick height adjustments to proper brake usage and folding instructions, our team knows our rollator walkers inside and out.

I am 80 years of age and suffering from severe Arthritis, Which rollator would suit my condition and age?

Most rollators offered at our stores will suit your condition and age. When suffering from Arthritis, you may look for a rollator with easy-to-adjust, ergonomic handles for adaptable comfort. A comfortable seat and back support strap will allow you to take a break when needed. And finally, a properly sized rollator will ensure that both walking and sitting/getting up from the walker will be safe and comfortable.

Do you make customized rollators?

At Vital Mobility we do not make customized rollators. However, many rollators in-stock have customizable options like adjustable handle heights, hard-wire or soft baskets, cane and cup holder adaptors and more.

Do I need to apply for any special insurance policy for using my rollator on the roads?

No, you do not need any insurance policies in order to use your rollator on the roads. Rollators are strongly recommended for use on side walks.

How many years of warranty is given for your rollators?

Most rollators in the market have Limited Lifetime Warranties. What this means is that your rollator is protected against any manufacturing issues for the device’s useful life. However, parts like the rollator’s wheels, brakes, handles and seat cushions/backstraps are not covered as they are subject to wear and tear.

Do all your rollators have a carry pouch?

Yes, every rollator sold at Vital Mobility is equipped with a type of carry pouch. Some rollators have under-seat baskets, others have hard wire baskets and other models have open or zippered soft baskets.

Can I place an order to fix an extra carry pouch to my rollator?

If needed, you may add an extra carry pouch to your rollator after purchase. Most rollators include enough storage space for most individuals to place a shopping bag, purse or a few personal belongings. In the event that the client may require additional storage, small pouches can be added to the device aftermarket.

I am 6 feet tall. Would the Airgo rollator be a suitable option for me?

Yes, an Airgo Rollator with a 23” seat would be suitable for a 6-foot tall individual. Its adjustable handles can also be raised to create a comfortable walking experience for you.

I live in Vancouver. How many days would it take for you to deliver my order?

Vital Mobility’s in-stock items ship out next day. It will take 5-7 business days for a rollator to arrive in Vancouver and the rest of the Canadian west coast. Shipping within Ontario takes 2-4 days, Quebec and Manitoba 3-5 days and all other provinces 5-7 days as well.

Are all your rollators easily foldable to fit in the trunk/boot of a car?

Yes, it is easy to fold up a rollator and place it in the trunk of a car. Most Type 2 and Type 3 rollators have a folding handle in the middle of the seat. Once you lift up that handle, the rollator folds in half, sideways. This will allow it to become compact enough to fit in your vehicle for convenient transportation.

Are the tyres of your rollator puncture-free or they would get punctured?

The tires in our rollators are solid – meaning that they cannot get punctures. The only time when you may need to change your rollator wheels may be after years of usage. At that time, you may replace them with tires with better tread.

What are the separate rollator accessories you sell with your products?

There is a selection of rollator accessories that you can purchase to enhance your experience. At Vital Mobility we sell rollator wheel locks, cup holders and cane holders.

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