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Knee Walker for Rent

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Vital Mobility

Knee Walkers For Rent

Sometimes, life gets in the way of getting where you want to go – but thankfully, our rental knee walker can help. Sprains, breaks, limb loss and surgeries can all compromise your mobility and limit your freedom, and traditionally the only solutions to these problems have been equally limiting: bedrest, or bulky, difficult crutches. These options can be difficult to maintain, or leave you feeling powerless and immobile. Thankfully, the knee walker means that anyone suffering from injury or compromised mobility in one leg can enjoy a far greater range of movement and mobility than ever before! Vital Mobility offers a four-wheeled knee walker for rent to anyone looking for a more convenient and useful alternative to traditional crutches. This device can be a life-changing accessory for anyone suffering from a sprain, a break, an amputation or a chronic condition. Our rental knee walkers allow patients to have the freedom and mobility that other options don’t offer, by providing a safe, efficient, four-wheeled walker that increases patient mobility.

The knee walker we offer for rent is sturdily constructed, making it a trusted option for patients who want to go anywhere, but its safety and durability don’t mean that users have to sacrifice convenience. The walker easily fits in the trunk of any car, which makes transportation, pickup and dropoff extremely easy and convenient. The walker is also designed with maximum patient comfort and mobility in mind – the knee rest is comfortable and won’t wear after use, and the walker’s four-wheeled design offers stability and peace of mind.

Renting is often the best choice for those requiring the use of a knee walker. Like crutches, this piece of equipment is often only necessary for several weeks. Patients may be waiting for a break or a sprain to heal, or recovering from surgery. Knee walker rental is often the most convenient option for patients looking to enjoy the convenience and comfort of the knee walker without purchasing a costly piece of equipment they won’t need in the long-term.

Vital Mobility

Knee Walker Description

The NeeBop Steerable Knee Walker is ideal for individuals recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputations, and ulcers of the foot.

Features a deluxe lever brake, tool free height adjustment, can be steered for increased maneuverability, ideal for indoor/outdoor use.

Knee Walker Specifications

Max Handle Height 43"
Min Handle Height 39"
Unit Width 17"
Unit Depth 32"
Pad Height 19"
Pad Width 7.5"
Pad Depth 14.5"
Weight Capacity 300lb
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