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Electric Wheelchair Rentals Toronto

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Electric Wheelchair Rental

Vital Mobility is proud to offer great deals on electric wheelchair rental to any of our customers who are looking for a way to get around that features a little more power. Motorized (or “electric”) wheelchairs offer the freedom and independence of a typical wheelchair, but with the added power and functionality of a motorized vehicle. These chairs are ideal for anyone suffering from mobility issues who might not be able to operate a non-motorized wheelchair on their own, or who needs to travel over long distances or difficult terrain without risking fatigue or injury. If you’re a city-dweller, love the outdoors, or simply have a lot to do in your day, electric wheelchair rental might be for you! Our motorized wheelchairs also offer top-of-the-line engineering and comfort, giving anyone who wants it the opportunity to travel in style.

The electric wheelchairs we offer for rent all include features like power steering, adjustable headrests and swiveling/reclining seats that allow for maximum comfort. These chairs are comfortable enough for a quick trip or to serve as your primary means of transportation for the day, and their ergonomic design makes them easy to operate. These types of wheelchairs can be especially useful for those whose mobility has been restricted due to joint issues, hip displasia, surgeries on their legs, hips or joints, and the severely obese. For people suffering from these conditions as well as other limitations to their mobility, motorized wheelchairs offer a comfortable and stylish solution.

If you’re looking into buying one of these wheelchairs, all of these top-of-the-line features can add up – some high-quality electric wheelchairs can cost up to thousands of dollars, which makes them a less-than-affordable option for some customers, especially for the ones that are not covered by the Provincial program (ADP) or private insurances. That’s why Vital Mobility offers electric wheelchair rental in Toronto. For many of our customers, it makes more financial sense to rent a motorized wheelchair, and enjoy the comfort, safety and freedom it offers without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for high quality motorized wheelchairs at affordable prices, Vital Mobility offers the best motorized wheelchair rental in Toronto.

Vital Mobility


Drive Sunfire Plus rear wheel drive wheelchair
The swivel/reclining captain's seat with adjustable head rest comes standard with this amazing power chair. The Drive Sunfire Plus rear wheel drive wheelchair has many of the features of high-end chairs but at an affordable price. Standard features include: programmable PG controller with adjustable joystick mount, adjustable footplates. Padded armrests are flip-back, height, angle and width and depth adjustable, flat free tires and a seat belt.

Key Features

Adjustable height footplate
Programmable PG controller with adjustable joystick mount
Seat post mounted seat
Padded armrests are flip-back, height, angle and width and depth adjustable
Flat free tires provide security and a comfortable ride
Standard seat belt
300 lb. Weight Capacity

Power Wheelchair Specifications

Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
Top Speed 4 mph
Maximum Range 15 miles
Turning Radius 33”
Climbing Angle
Ground Clearance 2.5"
Dimensions 39” (L) x 24” (W)
Floor-to-Seat Height 20" - 23"
Seat Dimensions 18” (W) x 17.5” (D) | 20" (W) x 18" (D)
Controller PG VR2 50A
Motors (2) 24V x 270W x 4700rpm
Batteries (pair) 12V x 36AH (U1)
Charger 4A Offboard
Brakes Electromagnetic
Caster Wheels 8” x 2” Solid
Drive Wheels 10” x 3” Flat-free
Base Weight 88 lbs.
Battery Weight (pair) 48 lbs.
Seat Weight 40 lbs.
Total Weight 176 lbs.
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